More than three decades working in the field of cultural management

More than three decades working in the field of cultural management

Solutions for culture

First and foremost, we are a team. Because behind MagmaCultura are the finest experts in the design, development and management of cultural, educational and tourism projects. Thanks to this expertise and our approach, we have become a point of reference in the cultural management industry.

For three decades we have been driven by the same motivation, which is to promote the value of cultural heritage and make it accessible to people. A passion that we share with our clients, public organisations, private foundations, cultural institutions and companies, with whom we work together to analyse their needs and create tailor-made projects that allow them to identify, optimise and efficiently manage all their cultural assets.

MagmaCultura’s main offices

Our driving force

Culture and people

If we had to choose two words that define our mission, they would be cultureand people, which are inextricably linked. Because culture is the reflection of a society’s values, identity and creativity; and its manifestations, the expressions of its richness.

The way we promote, manage and convey cultural and heritage resources influences the shaping of the future. And it is through our projects, services and products that we wish to be active agents in building this future.

We have a mission

To play an active role in our clients’ processes in terms of the creation, management, execution and delivery of services and activities, as well as to guarantee quality, effectiveness and efficiency in every task undertaken.

To achieve distinction for our work in the cultural industry – providing solutions and helping to cement a model of success within the sector – and to promote public-private cooperation to foster growth, innovation, quality and sustainability.

Our approach is pivotal in the management of services

We manage and develop projects and services in every field and offer integrated solutions by incorporating two key elements in today’s world: communication and technology.

Our spheres of action

Audience management

Education and cultural mediation

Integrated management of amenities

Cultural consultancy

Product creation and content development

Communication and marketing

The figures speak for themselves




Our team


people in offices

in museums










People Management



Areas of action

Mediation – Education 15%

Integrated management 10%

Consultancy 15%

Marketing (acquisition) 10%

Visitor care 30%

Projects 15%

Other 20%