Creation and dissemination of social value

Design, management and promotion

We work closely with our clients to identify, evaluate and manage their cultural assets. By promoting these resources, we contribute to planning and creating educational, social, cultural, artistic and tourist value.

Cultural and tourism consultancy

We design and plan management, communication and positioning projects and strategies for institutions, companies and amenities.

Cultural projects. Development of strategic plans, creation and enhancement of dissemination products, and cultural and heritage promotion.

Cultural tourism. Creation of proposals to develop tourism in cities and territories.

Audience studies. Application of systems and tools to analyse museum-user relations, and generation of audience development strategies

Museology and museography

We devise museological and museographic proposals adapted to each context, audience and organisation

Design of museological projects for public and private organisations that decide to open their heritage collections to the public

Development of museographic projects: from conceptualisation and documentation to the development of the exhibition script and the museographic design of permanent, temporary and touring exhibitions.

Creation of visitor interpretation centres and promotion of heritage spaces


We design and evaluate educational, social, cultural and natural heritage dissemination projects focused on achieving the goals set forth by the client.

Strategic planning of educational services

Conceptualisation and implementation of educational and dissemination programmes

Design of social participation programmes

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We are motivated to develop innovative and satisfying ideas and experiences in the cultural, educational and tourism fields on rigorous bases from the point of view of both content and its viability and operability. An integral vision of the projects resulting from uniting creativity, innovation and management capacity.

Imma Fondevila

Projects Manager