La noche de los libros

The major event for readers and literature in the Community of Madrid
Event conceptualisation, design, coordination and production.
Cultural projects
La noche de los libros

La noche de los libros (Book night) is a fully consolidated event, the result of a firm commitment upheld by the Community of Madrid for almost two decades. Year after year, it enjoys the support of institutions, bookshops, libraries, authors and the attendance of a loyal audience. In each edition, the aim is to continue producing an event that meets the expectations of the entire cultural sector.


At MagmaCultura, based on our experience in defining and implementing cultural projects, we set ourselves the following goals:

  • To generate a programme on the par with the event with a proven track record.
  • To maintain the standard of quality of the contents and activities.
  • To ensure a programme capable of attracting a large volume of visitors and participants.
  • To guarantee maximum speed, organisational efficiency and the resolution of unforeseen events.
  • To contribute to the coordination of all the stakeholders involved.


Thanks to our background in the creation of tailor-made cultural experiences, we carry out cultural management in which we are involved throughout the event’s coordination and production phases:

  • Conceptualisation, design of the main lines of action, definition of the core programme, organisation of round tables with leading national and international authors and design of activities for all audiences and venues.
  • Coordination with leading cultural institutions, bookshops and libraries, as well as with the participating authors and artists, literary agents and publishers.
  • Management of subsidies for bookshops’ execution of activities.
  • Organisation of travel, transfers and accommodation for authors and companies.
  • Technical production of the special programming events: audiovisual aspects and streaming services.
  • Creation of the set design, logistics and assembly of the special programme venues.
  • Design, production and distribution of materials in the different venues on the special programme: banners, posters and merchandising.
  • Management of communication and advertising on and offline.


The figures form the 2023 edition prove the success and magnitude of the project:

  • More than 570 activities with 730 national and international authors and creators.
  • 403 participating entities, including bookshops, libraries and cultural centres and institutions, and 42.525 participants.
  • 421 news items and an audience of 645 million users with an economic impact of 4.93 million euro.


  • Extensive experience in integrated cultural management.
  • Capacity to innovate and maintain the appeal of consolidated cultural products.
  • Knowledge to develop a digital strategy in cultural organisations that allows them to reach a large number of audiences.