Network of CaixaForum and CosmoCaixa centers

Information and customer service

The CaixaForum of Barcelona, Madrid, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona are cultural centers of reference in the cities where they are located, both for the exhibitions they carry out and for the cultural programming they have. Located in unique buildings, the CaixaForum are also part of the monumental heritage of the cities where they are located.

CosmoCaixa Barcelona dedicates its exhibitions, both permanent and temporary, to scientific dissemination, and in which the Flooded Forest and the Planetarium stand out.

MagmaCultura provides customer service, information, reservations and fundraising at the CaixaForum Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida, Girona and Espai Caixa Girona, as well as the supervision of activities service. In CaixaForum Madrid, MagmaCultura manages the service of educational visits and guided visits.

MagmaCultura also manages CosmoCaixa Barcelona’s customer service, information, reservations and deposits.