The Ludo Jardin, a new project in Paris


A new project is underway in the heart of the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris: the Ludo Jardin, a playground completely renovated by MagmaCultura, which opened on June 22.

Ludo Jardín is a singular, attractive and experiential place, adapted to the evolution of public expectations and with respect for the environment. In this space, oriented to learning through play, children have the opportunity to discover the world while having fun. In addition, educational activities are programmed to discover the world from the point of view of biodiversity.

In the Ludo Jardin you can find play areas differentiated according to age, with routes organized around structures of very different shapes and dimensions, and with elements of dynamization that want to surprise children, designed to encourage the learning of the youngest, experimentation and understanding of the world around them.

The participation of 1705 visitors, mostly locals and tourists, during the first day of opening, gives us the clue that this new service of MagmaCultura can be an outstanding attraction of natural leisure in the heart of Paris.