Who are the superoptimotes?


The Optimot online search engine, a service of the General Language Policy Authority, was launched 10 years ago and has become one of the most used linguistic tools in the Catalan language. For this reason, several media have visited the offices of the superoptimotes, the team that hides behind it, and have interviewed them.

In MagmaCultura we know them very well, since Aina, Marta, Maria Rosa, Miriam, and Eva are, at the same time, five excellent linguists and our coworkers.

From MagmaCultura we congratulate them for their amazing job: almost 18 million searches in 2018 and more than 25,000 followers in Twitter endorse them!

Click on the links to read the complete articles:

>Trip to the center of Optimot, of the Diari de la Llengua.

>A day in Optimot, by Rudolf Ortega for El País.