Behind the Night of Books


This 26th of April, the Community of Madrid will celebrate again La Noche de los Libros (The Night of Books). Since 2015, and for the 5th consecutive year, MagmaCultura is in charge of the organization of this literary day.

The event, which this year extends with activities from Thursday 25 to Saturday 27, begins to be prepared more than 3 months in advance and has the support of the Subdirección del Libro de la Comunidad de Madrid and the Consejería de Cultura.

The MagmaCultura team conceptualizes, programs, manages and coordinates the Night of the Books, setting in motion a wide universe of collaborators among which we find designers, press and communication, photographers, public relations, web developers, technical team, video makers, assistants, and more than 500 creators: writers, storytellers, singers, playwrights, and so on.

In short, a great adventure that, last year, resulted in 36,850 visitors!

This annual event has already become a regular event for small and large readers in the region. Among the more than 500 activities planned and the participation of more than 600 authors, the presence of the author Donna Leon and the writers Fernando Aramburu and Manuel Vilas in the Real Casa de Correos, the focal point of the festival of reading, stands out.

In addition, this year, Book Night 2019 will be added to the celebration of Lorca Year 2019, which commemorates the centenary of the poet’s arrival in Madrid. You can’t miss it!

Source of the images: La Noche de los Libros