Louvre Museum

“the monument of monuments”, an internationally renowned cultural space with more than 35,000 artworks on display from different cultures and eras
Since 2022, the Louvre Museum has placed its trust in us to carry out discovery visits for individual French or foreign visitors.
Cultural services
Louvre Museum

Visitors to the Louvre Museum are transported into a tumultuous history of works of art, the legacy of the royal collections, the thinking of the Enlightenment and the universal aspirations of the French Revolution. It is a history steeped in passion, covetousness, and sometimes brutality, but also in immense generosity, which makes the Louvre an international point of reference today, with 35,000 works on display from every corner of the world and every era.

And the more the museum grows, the more successful it becomes. It is no wonder it is often referred to as “the monument of monuments”.


As a museum with universal aspirations, the Louvre places the public at the heart of its concerns and describes itself as a place of discovery, wonder and knowledge sharing that is accessible to one and all.

As a museum, cultural centre, and place of research and education, the Louvre is inspired by its dynamic and open motto: “There is always a good reason to come to the Louvre”.

One of the challenges facing the Louvre is therefore to be a place for exchange and sharing. In this regard, the development and promotion of the permanent collections, temporary exhibitions and any complementary activities that may take place in the museum are key tools for forging dialogue with its visitors.


As part of its commitment to public service, the Louvre aims to make its extraordinary collections accessible to as many visitors as possible by offering a range of activities adapted to the diversity of its visitors, to foster a better understanding of the museum and its collections.

With the need to promote this benchmark institution in a new manner, as a place open to the world and to its heterogeneous audience, our overriding goal is to:

  • Make the appropriate tools and means available to all to enable visitors to construct their own visit or experience.
  • Provide visitors with the tools and means to interpret and use the collections in their own personal construction and in relation to their reality.


Since 2022, the Louvre has entrusted us with the task of providing discovery tours for individual French and foreign visitors. In this context, our role involves:

  • Welcoming visitors and providing first-rate guided tours of the museum thanks to our expert and enthusiastic staff.
  • Running a programme of visits that enhances and respects the museum’s philosophy of “fostering discovery and emotion”.
  • Adapting day-to-day resource management to accommodate changes in visitor types and demand.


Our work at the Louvre allows us to:

  • Respond in an agile manner to the contingencies and demands of the public and the museum.
  • Demystify the museum and hence encourage visitors to return to the Louvre as they would to other institutions.
  • Contribute to the institution’s development by providing a warm reception adapted to the needs of each visitor.


  • Experience in welcoming and managing visitors.
  • Experience in providing guided tours within an internationally renowned cultural centre.
  • Expertise in cultural mediation activities.