LudoJardin in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris

An exceptional environment in the heart of Paris
We designed the playground and the educational and mediation services of one of the most visited parks in Paris.
Integral management
LudoJardin in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris

Millions of locals and tourists visit the Luxembourg Gardens every year for its beauty and privileged location in the center of Paris. In this characteristic place, Magmacultura conceptualized in 2019 a play area that combines learning with fun: the Ludo Garden.


The Luxembourg Gardens are a place steeped in history and activity. From the heart of Paris, they offer the visitor all kinds of sports and leisure experiences, including a children’s play area.

The boys and girls who come to this area have a strong emotional connection with the space, in which they grow and create memories. Our challenge was to design a new area that would fit in with the surroundings of the gardens and combine cultural and scientific mediation with its playful experience.


  • Create a unique play area that respects the personality of the Luxembourg Gardens.
  • Offer an experience for the whole family, incorporating the needs of each age group.
  • Stimulate the motor and intellectual development of children in a safe, interactive and playful environment.


We started the design of the project under the premise that the play area should stimulate curiosity and encourage children to experiment, discover and share. To do this, we conceptualize a facility with different spaces that offer a range of experiences and uses under accessibility criteria.

In the same place, there are areas aimed at different age ranges that flow between the common play areas: an iconic slide, an educational garden, a labyrinth or a small amphitheater are some of the facilities in this ecological and natural space.

The project is completed with an annual program of animation and scientific and cultural mediation. Our specialized team launches a wide variety of thematic educational activities on issues related to biodiversity.


The Luxembourg Gardens play area has been developed as:

  • A living meeting place for family, school and social audiences.
  • An educational and playful environment of creativity and experimentation.
  • An accessible space from the motor, sensory and intellectual point of view.
  • A tool for disseminating urban biodiversity.


  • Integration of pedagogical criteria in the conceptualization of projects.
  • Precision in public studies to identify the needs of visitors to the space.
  • Ability to successfully design and implement educational and mediation services.