Design and management of the national marketing and communication campaign for Cirque du Soleil’s tent shows.

Cirque du Soleil

In 2017 MagmaCultura became the Communication and Marketing agency of the Canadian company Cirque du Soleil, to promote its tent shows throughout Spain. Recently it was also chosen to manage and develop the company’s campaigns in Lyon (France).

The shows that tour internationally with Cirque du Soleil under a tent are characterised by the complexity of their setting up, their long stay in the same city (minimum 4 weeks) and the high number of functions that this entails. In order to turn these tours into success and achieve the objectives set from the Montreal headquarters, it is necessary to work according to global guidelines, design a national strategy and develop a local campaign for each of the cities.

MagmaCultura was chosen for the promotion of Cirque du Soleil in Spain because of its relationship with culture, and by a Marketing team with experience in the development of advertising strategies, execution and conceptualization of campaigns, and creation and production of events that accompany and promote the defined strategy. As well as the communication team, expert in the promotion of shows, brand communication and engagment generation reaching all kinds of audiences through the various media offered by each city.

2017 – TOTEM: Madrid
2018 – TOTEM: Seville, Barcelona, Malaga and Alicante
2019 – TOTEM: Gran Canaria / KOOZA: Valencia, Gijón, Málaga and Madrid
2020 – KOOZA: Seville and Lyon.

MagmaCultura will promote Cirque du Soleil’s tent shows throughout it's Spain locations