Quality and Environment – Policy of Integral System of Magmaculture Management

The main mission of MAGMACULTURA, S.L. It is described in the following points:

• Implementation, integral autonomous management of equipment and projects in cultural facilities and tourist areas.
• Realization of cultural diffusion programs, including the elaboration of the materials and realization of the activities of derived dynamisation.
• Production, realization of cultural, recreational or social or corporate content events for institutions and public entities.
• Design and implementation of customized projects in the field of Archives and Document Management.
• Comprehensive management of services and provision of specialized personnel for the management of Archives.

Our mission is to become active collaborators of our clients in the processes of management and realization of those activities that, for whatever reason, they have to do with external resources, contributing, given our specialization, improvements in terms of quality, effectiveness and efficiency.

As professionals of culture and documentary management, we want to become a reference in the framework of cultural management, contributing our ideas and solutions, as well as contributing to consolidate a sector model with shared responsibility between public and private agents in relation to growth , innovation, quality and sustainability. Our areas of activity are those where cultural, heritage, educational and tourism resources meet their public. We identify with the mission and values ​​of our clients: specialization and cultural sensitivity, transversality and management autonomy.

MAGMACULTURA, S.L. understands that Quality means a continuous effort to achieve its main objective of giving full satisfaction to the customer. Consequently, it establishes its Quality strategy and policy that will apply to its services and processes.

The address of MAGMACULTURA, S.L. defines its Integrated Management System Policy as an integral part of the General Policy of MAGMACULTURA, S.L. and undertakes to comply, disseminate and ensure compliance by all staff.

In this way, the Management assumes, as a responsibility and priority objectives, the implementation of the Plan and the design, development and maintenance of this Quality Assurance System, Environment and Health and Safety at Work and Document Management, to which it will provide the resources that are necessary.

To achieve these objectives, MAGMACULTURA, S.L. It has highly motivated and qualified personnel who, through appropriate training and through written instructions, can perform the tasks entrusted.

The fundamental objectives of this Integrated Management System are to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by determining and complying with the requirements that it establishes and adapting to the use of our products and services. The prevention of any non-conformity is established as a maximum in the system, so that the absence of defects or their early detection and our customer orientation allow us to permanently occupy a prominent position as a company dedicated to CULTURAL SERVICES and DOCUMENTARY MANAGEMENT .

As a way of expressing its commitment to quality, the SIG System of MAGMACULTURA, S.L. It is based on the standards UNE-EN-ISO-9001: 2015, UNE-EN-ISO-14001: 2015, UNE-EN-ISO-18001: 2007 and UNE-EN-ISO 30301: 2011.

For the present document this Directorate wants to reach all the members of the Business Group MAGMACULTURA, S.L. the commitment acquired in Quality Policy, Environment and Health and Safety at Work and Management for Documents and extend to all its suppliers, collaborators, customers and partners the request for cooperation in order to offer their services free of defects, and always to your full satisfaction of those who are going to use them.

Also, MAGMACULTURA, S.L. It also has as fundamental principles the preservation of the environment and the environment and the wellbeing and safety and health at work of its professionals. As a result we declare and assume the following commitments and environmental principles and health and safety at work:

To develop all activities related to CULTURAL SERVICES and DOCUMENTARY MANAGEMENT in such a way that they contribute positively to the environmental behavior associated with its services, facilities and pay special attention to the protection of the environment, its customers and the public in general.
Develop all activities related to CULTURAL SERVICES and DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT continuously monitoring all necessary measures to ensure our workers and all our employees optimal conditions of safety and health at work.
That is why we have the commitment of all to fulfill this mission and that of its basic tool, the Integrated Management System, and we express the conviction that:

Quality is to know our client, their needs and expectations. A satisfied customer is the most important asset of the company, its loyalty is our main competitive advantage.
Quality is adapted to the needs of our customers and offer solid products that can prevent future incidents.
The achievement of the highest Quality will always be a continuous objective of MAGMACULTURA, S.L. Faults will be learned to improve and every effort will be made to locate the causes that produced them, so that they do not recur.

In this way, MAGMACULTURA, S.L. assumes as main objectives:

Continue caring for our regular customers and growing step by step so as not to affect the quality of our services, thus consolidating ourselves more and more in our sector.
Improve in all business areas to give a better service and thus get to adapt to the expectations of our customers, meeting their needs at all times.
Reduce and properly manage the production of waste and emissions, and the consumption of resources (materials, fuels and energy).
Maintain a permanent control of the legislative compliance collaborating with the Administrations with environmental and safety and health competences, as well as other requirements that the Company subscribes.
Continuous improvement of the integrated Quality, Environment and Safety system.
Prevent pollution
Promote the training of all workers.
Involve our Suppliers in the care and good environmental practices.
Promote rational use and energy savings among users and society in general.
Prevent damage and deterioration of the health of our workers, work on our behalf and for ourselves.
Promote training and information as well as the participation of all workers in the Health and Safety management system.
Encourage communication at all levels of the company to convey the concerns that affect the welfare of workers.
Improvement of document management, with the creation of authentic, reliable and usable documents.
Protect the security and integrity of documents.
Promote the training and awareness of workers in document management.
The Management has the ultimate responsibility for obtaining the proposed Quality Objectives, and in that sense all human, material and economic means necessary to achieve them are provided, rigorously complying with the legal requirements and other applicable requirements. Likewise, the Directorate supports and provides all the means and resources necessary for the care of the Environment and to preserve and improve Safety and Health continuously during the development of the work, as well as to ensure the correct Document Management.

The direction

Barcelona, ​​February 2018