MagmaCultura participates in the European project VIBE, an experimental platform that explores and proposes challenges for the cultural consumption of the future

Participation in the VIBE project – an experimental platform that explores the cultural consumption of the future


VIBE is a cross-sectorial initiative developed together with Elisava Research (Spain), Nemorin Film & Video (UK) and (The Netherlands)

MagmaCultura France participates together with European partners from different fields (university, audiovisual and fashion technology – wereables) in VIBE @vibe-expa, project in which creators, cultural managers and the public investigate, imagine and explore the cultural codes and expressions of the Gen-Z generation (18-24 years).

The cultural sector is experiencing a moment of reinvention. Socio-cultural changes and technological advances are forcing the transformation of museums and cultural institutions. Routines are being unlearned and new ways of interacting with audiences are being reconstructed through hybrid experiences between the physical and the digital.

The forms of expression of the Gen-Z are absolutely mediated by this cultural transformation. Through the VIBE project, MagmaCultura France explores the networks and forms of consumption and culture creation of a generation that vibrates between vindication and social participation in its artistic and cultural manifestations.

The first curatorial milestone of VIBE is the exhibition “Active, Activism, Act”, at Ideal, Center d’Arts Digitals in Barcelona. The exhibition challenges young people with a multi-channel narrative on demand about those issues that concern them, using their own language and encouraging them to create, blurring the boundaries between claiming, social expression and art. The exhibition will feature around fifteen Generation Z artists from more than seven European countries.

VIBE also promotes workshops for cultural creators and managers to share methods and keys to the cultural creation of the future. The final milestone of the project will take place in Paris in June, from where MagmaCultura, under the initiative of the director of the French headquarters, Natalia González, will invite the cultural agents responsible for the museum institutions to learn about the process and the results of the experience.

VIBE is funded by the Creative Innovation Lab Program of the European Union.