The exhibition offers a new perspective on the “castells,” providing various stations for all audiences to experiment and understand the science behind these impressive human structures.

The Human Tower Museum of Catalonia (MCC) now features an interactive exhibition that explores the science of “castells”


The Human Tower Museum of Catalonia (MCC) recently inaugurated the Castells’ Physics, Science, and Engineering. This new temporary exhibition has transformed the museum into a laboratory to view the “castells” from a new perspective that shows all the audiences the theoretical and scientific aspects behind this cultural phenomenon that has touched the lives of so many people for over 200 years.

The proposal offers interactive constructions for direct experimentation in physics, engineering, and biology. It allows groups of people to coordinate precisely to form challenging human towers.


An Interactive Tour
The exhibition tour is designed to be interactive and educational, suitable for all ages. Visitors have the opportunity to engage in hands-on experiments that illustrate the importance of strength, balance, and endurance in the creation of castells. Additionally, the exhibition features a virtual reality experience that allows participants to feel like enxanetes (young castle climbers) and immerse themselves in the excitement. There are also audiovisuals and other resources available to help visitors better understand the scientific principles behind the construction of castells.

Innovation and Tradition
An outstanding feature of this exhibition is its seamless integration of the traditional art of building human towers with cutting-edge technologies and scientific discoveries. This not only enhances the visitor experience, but also emphasizes the role of innovation in preserving and promoting cultural traditions.

A collaborative project

The project is a joint effort between the museum and the GoSTEM association, romoted and directed by Magmacultura, with the collaboration of the Rovira i Virgili University and the human tower entities. This collaborative work has been crucial in presenting a comprehensive and rigorous understanding of the science of human towers.

Impact and future
The new exhibition has the goal of not only educating and entertaining, but also inspiring future generations of castellers and scientists. It is a commitment to scientific dissemination through a deep-rooted cultural tradition. The aim is to promote interest in science and technology among young people.

Schedules and practical information

The exhibition will be available until October. The Casteller Museum also provides guided tours and supplementary educational workshops for organized groups. All information can be found on the museum’s website.


Through this new exhibition, the Museu Casteller de Catalunya renews its dedication to promoting cultural and scientific knowledge, providing a distinctive opportunity to experience the fusion of tradition and innovation. We invite you to visit the center and explore the hidden intricacies of ‘castells‘ from a fresh perspective.

A whole world awaits you at the Museu Casteller de Catalunya, and now, you can also discover the science behind the 'castells'!