From October 27th to 31st, the center of Malaga dresses in art with a program that combines music, electronics, visual arts, poetry, and digital art to reach a more diverse audience with a playful approach to artistic languages.

20th Anniversary Celebration of the Picasso Museum in Málaga: “Twenty Times Pablo”


For the twentieth anniversary of the Picasso Museum Málaga (MPM), “Twenty Times Pablo” joins in, an exceptional event that merges music, electronics, visual art, poetry, and digital art.

Art in the Streets:

Over five days, the streets and adjacent squares to the MPM will transform into stages for a special artistic celebration. These outdoor activities not only pay tribute to the city but are strategically spread throughout the center, allowing the public to enjoy various advanced artistic expressions.

Free Admission: From October 27th to 29th, both entry to the MPM and all activities are free, offering art lovers the opportunity to immerse themselves in this celebration.

Musical Program:

The event features a giants’ parade, performances by Vibra-Tó, and more than 200 schoolchildren turned musicians. You can also enjoy guitar recitals and concerts by artists such as Rosario La Tremendita.

Poetry and Visual Art:

Poetry takes the spotlight with “Al límite de lo indecible,” an improvised poetic performance, and a shadow play based on Picasso’s Guernica.

Special Co-Production:

This event is co-produced by Magmacultura and the Picasso Museum in Malaga, marking the twentieth anniversary of the MPM. It’s also an expression of gratitude to Malaga and its residents for their steadfast support over two decades.

Grand Finale:

The celebration will culminate on October 31st with a vibrant concert by Niño de Elche at the Christine Ruiz-Picasso Auditorium (Plaza de la Higuera). Additionally, you can experience an impressive audiovisual installation by Italian artist Quayola at de la Merced Square and take part in an interactive light painting experience, evoking Picasso’s iconic work.

A Celebration and an Invitation:

This event not only commemorates the history of the MPM but is also an open invitation to everyone to enjoy art in its various forms.

#TwentyTimesPablo #XXAniversaryPM

Join us in this unique celebration filled with art, music, and emotion!


The program of "Twenty Times Pablo" is a celebration of culture, creativity, and a connection with the community that has endured for two decades.