Croatia National Tourism Board – Porec (Croatia)

Strategy for rethinking Porec’s tourism activity with the aim of enhancing the value of its heritage.
Cultural and tourism consultancy for the development of cultural tourism in the town of Porec.
Cultural projects
Croatia National Tourism Board – Porec (Croatia)

When the Government of Croatia decided to develop its first strategic marketing plan in 2002, it sought to ensure the conflicts the area had experienced a number of years earlier would not hamper its tourism industry. Although it had been given impetus in recent decades, a renewal of the country’s image and a rethinking of the strategies stimulating tourism activity were needed.

The plan’s success led to its repetition in 2008, with the involvement of MagmaCultura, and in 2014.


MagmaCultura played a part in Croatia’s tourism marketing plan by contributing to cultural tourism development in the town of Porec. This city had begun to position itself as a sun and beach destination in the 1960s. During this time, the quality of its beaches and natural environment led more and more visitors from nearby developed economies, such as Italy, Austria and Germany, to choose Porec as a holiday destination.

In an endeavour to avoid mass tourism in the area, putting a strategy in place that would establish alternative forms of growth was imperative.


  • To promote a sustainable tourism model in harmony with the town, its inhabitants and its surroundings.
  • To make Porec’s cultural, natural and social heritage the foundation of the town’s tourism and preserve the town’s status as a major tourism hub.
  • Ensure the city’s socio-economic growth through innovative tools that give renewed impetus to the tourism industry in terms of quality.


We initiated our cultural consultancy work by performing an analysis of the city’s cultural resources and its different areas with development potential. Once this appraisal was conducted, we drew up a series of proposals to make them tourist attractions aligned with the image of Croatia as set out in its new marketing plan.

  • Analysis of the dissemination materials published.
  • Reorganisation of the retail activity in the historic quarter.
  • Changes in the tourism-cultural promotion activities.
  • Ideas for reorganising the uses of the buildings to be reconstructed.
  • Proposals for improving and distinguishing the town’s culinary offerings.


Porec has established itself as the main tourism destination in its region, the Istrian peninsula. The town’s historic quarter has been renovated and restored to host musical, artistic, sporting and culinary events. This complements the traditional beach and nature tourism options, which are now more carefully protected and preserved.


  • Recovery of heritage spaces for cultural and tourism uses.
  • Cross-cutting understanding of the city’s cultural offerings, from gastronomy to the natural environment.
  • Acquisition and development of cultural audiences through the improvement and preservation of the range of tourist attractions available.