International City of Gastronomy of Lyon

Comprehensive design of a space that combines gastronomy, culture and innovation with the aim of disseminating the role of food in society.
Integrated management of a unique experience and cultural center around gastronomy.
Integral management
International City of Gastronomy of Lyon

MagmaCultura, as a company specialising in the conceptualisation of museological and museographic projects and in the integrated management of cultural amenities, consolidated a 360-degree approach with the Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie de Lyon. Said approach undertakes a process that covers all the stages of the value chain of cultural management.


Gastronomy is one of the hallmarks of French society and is one of its foremost values. Based on this premise, the challenge was to create a centre fully dedicated to gastronomy combined with culture and innovation. In addition, we worked to position Lyon as a leading world city for food tourism.


  • To turn the Cité into a space for innovation and the exchange of ideas around gastronomy.
  • To promote the role of food in people’s health and well-being.
  • To promote French and international gastronomy in all its facets: culture, heritage, innovation and society.
  • To offer a place for creation, dissemination and learning for all audiences.


  • Cultural consultancy and conceptualisation of the museological project.
  • Development of permanent and temporary exhibitions and activities for all audiences.
  • Design of innovative spaces.
  • Creation of a permanent space for experimentation with a pedagogical dimension and recreational activities.
  • Design of the amenity’s management and operation model.
  • Implementation of the management and mediation team.
  • Execution of visits and cultural, educational and tourist activities around gastronomy.
  • Cultural communication.


The project revolving around Lyon’s designation as an International City of Gastronomy was an example of the creation of a unique space with temporary exhibitions, fun workshops, professional meetings and gastronomic experiences from all perspectives, offering visitors a unique cultural and recreational experience.


  • Knowledge to execute cultural and tourism consultancy projects.
  • Capacity for the design and integrated planning of cultural amenities.
  • Definition of integrated management solutions for cultural and recreational amenities.
  • Development of communication and positioning strategies.