“La Caixa” Foundation in Portugal

The ”la Caixa” Foundation makes knowledge more accessible to society through culture and science.
We contributed to its establishment as a cultural agent in a new country.
Cultural services
“La Caixa” Foundation in Portugal

”La Caixa” Foundations’s arrival in Portugal in 2018 gave MagmaCultura the opportunity to help bring the ”la Caixa” Foundation’s cultural projects, already consolidated in Spain, to the Portuguese public. In just two months we had a structure up and running that was capable of supporting a project that has attracted more than 1,570,000 visitors in 27 cities across the country.


MagmaCultura has been working with the ”La Caixa” Foundation in the domain of audience management and cultural mediation in its venues in Spain since 2006. The renewal of the Foundation’s trust in MagmaCultura for its Portugal-based project helped us to contribute to its commitment to education and culture by bringing a far-reaching project to a new environment.


We set out to accomplish three goals:

  • To facilitate the Portuguese public’s access to culture and dissemination through the projects run by the ”La Caixa” Foundation.
  • To apply our model of excellence for the integrated management of cultural projects, with a commitment to local talent.
  • To support the ”la Caixa” Foundation in its positioning as a leading cultural agent in a new country.


We have developed two flagship projects for the ”la Caixa” Foundation: touring exhibitions and street art exhibitions. Responsible for their integrated management, we carried out the following tasks:

  • Pre-production work and support in the realm of administrative and legal aspects.
  • Direct marketing actions to make the foundation’s projects more accessible to different audiences.
  • Training and management of specialised teams.
    • The touring exhibition “A floresta. Muito mais do que madeira” (The Forest. Much More Than Wood) had a team accompanying the exhibition in its different venues.
    • The particularities of the different street art exhibitions required a staff selection and training process in each of the cities. We thus promoted the development of cultural professionals in each place.
  • Visitor services and integrated audience management.
  • Cultural mediation, guided tours and educational activities.


Following four years of working on these projects, the results achieved by the ”La Caixa” Foundation in Portugal are highly satisfactory:

  • 1.570.000 million visitors and 55.000 average visits per touring exhibition.
  • Presence in 27 cities, including: Lisbon, Porto, Aveiro, Guimarães, Évora, Castelo Branco, Faro, Leiria, Viana do Castelo, Beja, Cascais, Bragança, Maia, Amadora, Guarda, Barreiro, Santarem, Setúbal, Coimbra, Matosinhos, Portimão, Viseu and Braga.
  • Comprehensive management of eight exhibition lines in three different formats.
  • Guided tours and cultural mediation for more than 900 groups.
  • Educational services for more than 16.500 schoolchildren.
  • Capacity to reach more than 3,000 education centres and 2,000 different groups.


  • Model of excellence in the integrated management of cultural projects.
  • Audience analysis and direct marketing actions.
  • Acquisition and development of cultural audiences.
  • Training of cultural teams.
  • Expertise in educational services and comprehensive visitor services.
  • Cultural tourism sensibility.