Leonardo da Vinci, the new “la Caixa” travelling exhibition


A new exhibition joins the itinerant exhibitions of “la Caixa”: Leonardo da Vinci. Observe, question, experiment.

The exhibition, dedicated to the thought of Leonardo da Vinci, brings us closer to his figure through his most essential trait: his insatiable curiosity. He was a painter, an engineer, a musician, an urban planner, a naturalist, an architect, an anatomist, etc. Leonardo da Vinci’s creativity sprung from intellectual interest, from universal curiosity and from a capacity for astonishment that remained with him from childhood.

Observation, analysis, experimentation and a capacity to make analogies are key concepts in this project with which “la Caixa” invites us to explore one of the most brilliant minds in human history.

The exhibition, which has already been in Malaga, Valladolid and Cartagena, can currently be seen in Parque de Amestoy in Castro-Urdiales, where it will remain until 30 August. The team of monitors of MagmaCultura will attend you during the visit.

Opening hours:

Monday to Sunday, from 11 am to 2 pm and 5-11 pm;
Showings every 30 min (last showing, 30 min before closure).

Guided tours for the general public
Monday to Sunday, from 12 noon and 7 pm;

Visits for schools and other groups
Monday to Friday, from 9:30 am-12:30 noon and 3-5 pm;
Please call +34 900 80 11 37 to book in advance.

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