Univers Room, the new CosmoCaixa exhibition


CosmoCaixa has renewed its permanent exhibition with the new Univers Room. We asked how the staff of the CosmoCaixa customer service and reservations service, formed by the MagmaCultura team, have experienced this renovation, and this is what they have told us:

“The Magma team was very excited to see the new Universe Room, as it was a project that the CosmoCaixa technical team had been planning and sharing with all the teams for years. Once the new room was inaugurated, it became clear that it was a more modern and visual space with avant-garde themes.

The public is enthusiastic about the new hall, and comes from different parts of Catalonia to see it. Many of the families that come to us comment that the Universe Room has much more content than the previous Hall of the Matter and that the new modules teach in a practical and simple way the most avant-garde technology and the new generation materials that we will use in the future.
Enthusiasm shared by all the people involved in the CosmoCaixa project”.

We remind you that you can visit the museum every day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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