CaixaForum team in TimeOut


The editorial departmen of TimeOut Barcelona magazine has been a few days in CaixaForum Barcelona to learn about everything that happens and share it with its readers.

In one of its articles, they interviewed several members of the CaixaForum team, who make possible that the cultural center works perfectly. Among them, our colleague Anna Palomo, who highlights the healthy relationship that exists between the whole family that works at CaixaForum and the desire to help each other.

A few weeks ago, TimeOut was also at CaixaForum Madrid, where they interviewed our colleagues Fran Mohedano and Laura Escolar, who explained what day-to-day life is like at their place of work.

Thank you for showing such passion in your job!

To read the articles, click on the links:

>The protagonists of CaixaForum, in TimeOut Barcelona.

>The protagonists of CaixaForum, in TimeOut Madrid.

Source of the images: TimeOut