Carmen Calvo, 50 years of experience, at Kubo Kutxa


The exhibition Carmen Calvo. Killing the dream (1969-2019), recently inaugurated in Kubo Kutxa, allows us to know first hand the different creative stages of this consolidated Valencian conceptual artist.

The selection of works, made by the curator Alfonso de la Torre and the artist, immerses us in the particular universe of Carmen Calvo who, with her way of doing, has managed to connect naturally with the general public through a committed message, often emotional, and, at the same time, of undoubted complexity.

The exhibition allows us to know the work of Carmen Calvo not in a chronological way, but through a game of affinities. This way of arranging the pieces provokes encounters of works from different periods or made with different techniques that reveal the enormous coherence of her trajectory. Addition, collage, intervention, object, are words that define her work, and are present in each of the works of this exhibition.

Carmen Calvo has obtained numerous scholarships and prizes, among others the National Prize of Plastic Arts granted by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (2013), and her presence in international artistic calls has been permanent, being one of the Spanish artists of greater international Prestige.

The exhibition can be visited from February 8 to May 5, 2019 in the Sala kubo-kutxa Aretoa de Donostia.


From Tuesday to Sunday:

11.30h-13.30h and 17.00h-21.00h

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Source of the images: Kubo Kutxa